Tuesday, June 28, 2011

chapter one: from now to then

I could feel the intense rattling below my feet clamped to the pedals and the hot, city air swirling in front me as I raced off of the incline, dropping over 20 feet with at least 20 cyclists chasing behind. They were desperate to catch up with me, and to literally tear me to shreds. I knew something that few did - a secret and then not: we are not supposed to be dependent on so many complex things and complex energy forms. Various forms of energy already existed and were usually right there, within the person.

For some reason, this truth had been distorted so much that it was no longer clear what or how people did to survive. I was one of them - a survivor, in every way. And now things are so different than they were when I was growing up. Now people are always moving - and if you are not, you will not survive to see the next week. The sonic travel of life was beyond anything that even the most strident technology types could stomach.

There were those who still feasted on the banquet of electronic entertainment. But most of us were looking to survive and thrive. That is what is different today than I remember - we now thrive merely by surviving. Back then, we thrived only if we did more than survive.

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